Welcome to JSRS Studios! I am Dennis Kahl, also known as LordJarhead. I produce professional and semi-professional sound effects for video games. My most famous projects are the JSRS sound modifications for the ArmA game series. I also worked on the new ArmA3 Jet-DLC and created the soundcuffs, effects and configuration.

If there are any questions regarding my work, interest in a cooperation or other questions to which I can be a help, so please let me know. See my contact details.

Hello listener!

After more than three months abstinence and my inactivity within the community, I am now trying slowly to get back into the running process. After the release of the new DLC for ArmA3 and probably the last major update of the game, I will now devote myself to a bigger task: the vehicle sound design!

Due to the Tank DLC and the implementation of a new framework for vehicle sounds, I am partly forced to create a new framework and adapt it to my sound effects. The process is quite complex, but is largely limited to coding. New sound effects are not necessary. Nevertheless, I would like to set the task of creating a new kind of sound and immersion in order to give the final touch to what is probably the final game!

This requires new effects, new ideas have to be transposed and tested, and everything has to be tuned to a normal level in terms of volume and flow of the game. That's also why I removed all land vehicle sounds in my last update to JSRS Soundmod. The other reason was the accumulation of errors and misrepresentations, the mixture of JSRS and vanilla sounds, and the resulting chaotic situation to separate the individual elements.

Now, my primary task is to create a new design, a simple design, one that's easy to manage and maintain, and one that creates a fluid, smooth sound at the end. There are many adjustments necessary. Every single vehicle requires the utmost attention and must be tested in various situations. Because at the end not only a good sound should be created, but also one that works! Because as well as Bohemia does with their last DLC, my next big update will be my last for ArmA3.

I think there will be a great successor for the series, so I'd like to focus on that as soon as possible. 
JSRS Soundmod will not stop though. I will continue to work until the last bug or issues has been resolved. This will take time, it will take weeks and months, but in the end a final product should be ready to play!


So make yourself ready and stay tuned, there's gonna be a massive update ahead! I hope you all enjoy JSRS Soundmod and have a good time!

Thanks for reading,

Dennis - LordJarhead

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/ SMA Mod Support

After developing RHS support for JSRS Soundmod and stretching the possibilities for a complete overhaul, I moved on with another mod support! My goal: A smooth transition between vanilla and mod contents!


/ Commercial Work

My latest and best work, a commercial project. As a sound designer for Bravo Zero One Studios I worked in cooperation with Bohemia Interactive and created the sounds for the new Jets DLC for ArmA 3!


/ JSRS Soundmod

JSRS is mostly the reason I got into this business. The JSRS Soundmod is the biggest soundmod for the ArmA series. Covering the whole game it not only provides a different and quality sound but also a new experience in how sound can change a game.