I am Dennis Kahl. I produce professional and semi-professional sound effects for video games. In my free time I create sound modifications for different games.

You have questions? Feel free to contact me any time!

Mod Support

After developing RHS support for JSRS Soundmod and stretching the possibilities for a complete overhaul, I moved on with another mod support! My goal: A smooth transition between vanilla and mod contents!


Commercial Work

As a freelance sound designer for Bravo Zero One Studios I worked in cooperation with Bohemia Interactive and created the sounds and settings for the Jets DLC for ArmA 3!


JSRS Soundmod

JSRS is mostly the reason I got into this business. The JSRS Soundmod is the biggest soundmod for the ArmA series. Covering the whole game it not only provides a different and quality sound but also a new experience in how sound can change a game.