Thank you very much for visiting my little website. I'm Dennis Kahl, also known as LordJarhead. I do sound design, mostly modding and community work, but I also do commercial audio work for the gaming industry. On this website you can find detailed information about JSRS, the soundmod or any other sort of things I currently work on.

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JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0524 Changes:
- Fixed Missing Entry "JPEX_Mid2_SoundShaders" for SPAR rifles
- Fixed RPT "Missing ';' at the end of line" for all CFG entries
- Fixed Snaps sounds were too present in long distances
- Added New sound pool of big calibre weapons for distance sounds
- Added New sounds for MX Rifles

the rest of the changes can be found here!

Latest news

/ Commercial Work

My latest and best work, a commercial project. As a sound designer for Bravo Zero One Studios I worked in cooperation with Bohemia Interactive and created the sounds for the new Jets DLC for ArmA 3!

/ JSRS Soundmod

JSRS is mostly the reason I got into this business. The JSRS Soundmod is the biggest soundmod for the ArmA series. Covering the whole game it not only provides a different and quality sound but also a new experience in how sound can change a game.

/ Community Work

Known by the community for my quality work, I got many requests for sound samples and assistance work with different community projects. Over small firearms, light infantry vehicles up to whole fleet - I am always willing to help!