Some small input about my self

Well, hello there. I'm Dennis Kahl! I'm from Germany and do sound design.


After I started with sound design back in 2007, I wandered over many platforms and games to find the one that suited me the best. Mods for Counter Strike, Battlefield2 and other games where my little steps into serious sound design for video games.


2010, when I released my first work for ArmA2, I managed to create a whole new sound feeling and covered a complete game with my own hand crafted sound samples.


After that I grow into a known community member, maintained my work further and trained myself, seeking for new knowledge and bigger challenges. In February 2015 I graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt, Germany. There I learned about the usage of Sample-Libraries, working methods, techniques, work sequences, recording and setting of video sequences, layer tracks, Foley FX and the creation of complex sound samples.


Then, 2016 Bravo Zero One Studios offered me a job for a cooperative project with Bohemia Interactive. We created the Jets DLC for ArmA3, and I did my first commercial sound work!


My experience:


Graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt, Germany.


Sound Artist/Designer Bravo Zero One Studios 2016-17:

Working on Jets DLC for Arma 3 by Bohemia Interactive

  • Designing complex sound assets for 4 Jets, including Turbine, Engine, Canopy, Flyby, Rumble and Start-up / Shut-down sound
  • Simple voice recording, cleaning and cutting for mission design and cutscenes
  • Collaboration with advisors with military background to establish authentic sound effects
  • Complex elaboration of configuration files for the implementation of self-created assets
  • Creation of configurations and controllers for effects like Speed of Sounds, LowPass Filters, Stereo Panners and Emitters
  • Create new sound effects using large and complex sound libraries
  • General bug fixing, troubleshooting, documenting issues and support of the team in several consulting positions

Lead Developer of JSRS-Soundmod for Arma/2/3. 2007-Current

  • Elaboration information of military equipment, vehicles and weapons used in ArmA, ArmA2 and ArmA3
  • Generate multiple configurations to embed new effects in the game
  • Creation of new LowPass filters, 3D sound processors and volume curves to regulate and correct the realistic behavior of weapon sounds
  • Creation of high-quality stereo sound samples using expensive sound libraries and take into account the real conditions of these sound effects in any game situation
  • Creation of sounds for over 60 weapons, firing, handling and reloading animations
  • Creation of sounds for over 50 vehicles, cars, tanks, apcs, helicopters and others
  • Creation of sounds for environmental effects in any sort of weather condition
  • Creation of sounds for general foley effects like movement and footsteps of players
  • Evaluation of video material and adaptation and adoption of any "characteristics" of known military vehicles and weapons
  • Recording, evaluation and application of self-recorded material from shooting-range sessions.
  • Enhancement of feedback, adaptation to general user requirements and correction of errors or disturbing factors


  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 / Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • iZotpe RX3/4 / FMOD / BI Tools/Arma 3 Tools



Thank you,

Dennis Kahl