Some small input about my self

Well, hello there. I'm Dennis Kahl! I'm from Germany and do sound design.


After I started with sound design back in 2007, I wandered over many platforms and games to find the one that suited me the best. Mods for Counter Strike, Battlefield2 and other games where my little steps into serious sound design for video games.


2010, when I released my first work for ArmA2, I managed to create a whole new sound feeling and covered a complete game with my own hand crafted sound samples.


After that I grow into a known community member, maintained my work further and trained myself, seeking for new knowledge and bigger challenges. In February 2015 I graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt, Germany. There I learned about the usage of Sample-Libraries, working methods, techniques, work sequences, recording and setting of video sequences, layer tracks, Foley FX and the creation of complex sound samples.


Then, 2016 Bravo Zero One Studios offered me a job for a cooperative project with Bohemia Interactive. We created the Jets DLC for ArmA3, and I did my first commercial sound work, which ended up being my best piece of work I did so far!


That won't stop me from improving and challenging myself further to even more professionalism and perfection. But the fact that you have visited this website, and still reading to this point, makes me believe I made myself quite a name already, with is some sort of prove of my quality work, I guess.


Again, Stranger: Thank you for your visit! I really hope you like what I do and enjoy my work!


Thank you,

Dennis Kahl