Some small input about my self

Storytime! My name is Dennis Kahl. I'm from Germany and do sound design.


I started with sound design back in 2007 and wandered over many platforms and games to find the one that suited me the best. Mods for Counter Strike, Battlefield 2 and other games where my little steps into serious sound design for video games.


2010, when I released my first work for ArmA 2, I managed to create a whole new sound feeling and covered a complete game with my own hand crafted sound samples.


After that I grow into a known community member, maintained my work further and trained myself, seeking for new knowledge and bigger challenges. In February 2015 I graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt in Germany. I learned about the usage of Sample-Libraries, working methods, techniques, work sequences, recordings and settings of video sequences, layer tracks, Foley FX and the creation of complex sound samples.


In 2016, Bravo Zero One Studios offered me a job for a cooperative project with Bohemia Interactive. We created the Jets DLC for ArmA3, I did the sound settings, samples and configuration.


My experience:


Graduated in Game Sound Design at the Audiocation Audio Academy in Lippstadt, Germany.


Sound Artist/Designer Bravo Zero One Studios 2016-17:

Working on Jets DLC for Arma 3 by Bohemia Interactive

  • Designing complex sound assets for 4 Jets, including Turbine, Engine, Canopy, Flyby, Rumble and Start-up / Shut-down sound
  • Simple voice recording, cleaning and cutting for mission design and cutscenes
  • Collaboration with advisors with military background to establish authentic sound effects
  • Complex elaboration of configuration files for the implementation of self-created assets
  • Creation of configurations and controllers for effects like Speed of Sounds, LowPass Filters, Stereo Panners and Emitters
  • Create new sound effects using large and complex sound libraries
  • General bug fixing, troubleshooting, documenting issues and support of the team in several consulting positions

Lead Developer of JSRS-Soundmod for Arma/2/3. 2007-Current

  • Elaboration information of military equipment, vehicles and weapons used in ArmA, ArmA2 and ArmA3
  • Generate multiple configurations to embed new effects in the game
  • Creation of new LowPass filters, 3D sound processors and volume curves to regulate and correct the realistic behavior of weapon sounds
  • Creation of high-quality stereo sound samples using expensive sound libraries and take into account the real conditions of these sound effects in any game situation
  • Creation of sounds for over 60 weapons, firing, handling and reloading animations
  • Creation of sounds for over 50 vehicles, cars, tanks, apcs, helicopters and others
  • Creation of sounds for environmental effects in any sort of weather condition
  • Creation of sounds for general foley effects like movement and footsteps of players
  • Evaluation of video material and adaptation and adoption of any "characteristics" of known military vehicles and weapons
  • Recording, evaluation and application of self-recorded material from shooting-range sessions.
  • Enhancement of feedback, adaptation to general user requirements and correction of errors or disturbing factors


  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 / Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • iZotpe RX3/4 / FMOD / BI Tools/Arma 3 Tools



Thank you,

Dennis Kahl