The Jets DLC for ArmA3

ArmA3 Jets DLC

by Bohemia Interactive &

Bravo Zero One Studios


My first commercial work. We created the complete Jets DLC with a team at Bravo Zero One Studios and in cooperation with Bohemia Interactive and create a real masterpiece of a DLC.


I designed these sounds fitting their real life counterparts and tried to stay close to real sounds a jet creates. Using multiple expensive libraries, self recorded material and many references, I was able to create a real powerful, air piercing soundscape for all the jets the new DLC has to offer.


I was using Sony Sound Forge 11.0 Pro, iZotope RX4 and some other little helpers, plus the in-game Eden Editor and developer environment of ArmA. 


Check the official OPREP at

Bravo Zero One Studios

We are a team of professional creative developers from all over the world whom are responsible for the design and creation of Arma 3 Jets.


It has been officially released on May 16, 2017. You can buy it via steam or on the official ArmA3 website