SMA - Specialist Military Arms Support

"Everything that can make a noise I give a voice!"










Today I have a rather big update coming along. I had some time this  week and kinda went ahead with it. Found back my motivation and started  something, finally! 


With this update I put some requests in account. Mainly its an update about urgent and overdue issues that got fixed. Yes, the damn miniguns are  a real pain! Even now, after they got fixed and work, they dont sound  right somehow. But I have to admit that I'm bound to ArmA's lovely  limitations that does not allow me to archive greater sounds for it. But  at least they should work and produce a sound what so ever. 


By saying I took requests in account I aim at the "SMA - Specialist Military Arms"  mod, that I fully support and cover at the moment. All weapons are  covered with either existing JSRS soundsets or with new unique sounds  like the AAC and SCAR weapon sounds.


I really hope you enjoy this work and I will try my best to maintain my work and to develop it further.

New Sounds

Yes, that's what a sound looks like! For the new SMA Support I added several new and unique sound effects!


A smooth transition between ArmA3 vanilla and ArmA3 mod content, that's what I'm aiming for when it comes to sound - the same standard all around!





On Steam now

The mod can be found in the Steam Workshop! I sure maintain it further and will keep an eye out for developments of SMA itself.

JSRS SOUNDMOD - RHS Mod Pack Sound Support

Thanks to the RHS Studios team we have a massive mod, massive content and so many new and realistic things in ArmA3 as never before. What ever you want to do, from recreating Operation Flashpoint campaign to a new authentic warfare, anything is possible.


It was a question of time until I had to focus on RHS and major community behind it. The ArmA3 community demands a mod working together with the most important ones, so it was necessary for JSRS to adapt to RHS... or better said: To improve itself!


I was able, after a long time of working on a stable and finalized version of JSRS Soundmod, to focus on something new. And as I tried to stay within the ArmAverse I thought RHS would be a big and interesting step. Getting back to a realistic battlefield with authentic weapons and machinery. Giving these weapons and vehicles a sound is not only something the community wants, its something to prove I'm able to recreate a authentic feeling of these things. A AH64 Apache has a distinctive sound that most people familiar with the topic can recognize. Therefore is important to get the best possible outcome.


So here we go, after I just released a new update for JSRS I also implemented a platform ready for RHS and the new sounds, new and handcrafted just for the RHS content.


The mod can be downloaded via Steam Workshop under this link!

If you like to give decent and constructive feedback, feel free to do this via Steam or at the Forums!

Full Support

After a long time of developing JSRS for vanilla ArmA3 and finally reaching a stable and complete build, I wanted to support the biggest Modification for ArmA3 there is!

New Sounds

Shortly after I started doing configurations to replace sounds from RHS with mine, I knew I can only archive something good if I create new and unique sounds just for RHS!


I'll try to keep this mod support updated and frequently maintained as I update JSRS Soundmod. Both mods run hand in hand and need always to be up to date!